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My Parent's Generation

My Grandparent's Generation
My Parent's Generation
My Generation


      My mother, Marta Muniz, and my father, Jaime Meaux, met each other at school, as well as my grandparents.  They were boyfriends for five years and decided to get married at age 21.  Something peculiar about them, is that my father spent four years studying in the States, and when he came back my mother was the one that told him to get married.  Although it was not the custom, it did happen, because my mom and women in general, were not as tight up with tradition as before. This would have never happened in my grandparent’s generation, and it is a sign of how perspectives have changed over the years.  Before, marriage showed complete signs of binary opposition, but now it also refers to deconstruction, as the woman was the one who asked for marriage, “changing” in some what was expected from couples.  

Although my mom proposed, my dad had to ask for my mother’s hand, but it was more like consent, instead of authorization.  This lets us see that throughout time, marriage became more flexible or open in the ways that it was approached or done. 

They got married the same day of my grandparents, December 26, as a sign of esteem for their marriage.  My mother was picked up by a big Cadillac, who drove her to the Church.  Her dress was white, long, and carefully embroidered.  She carried a bouquet of flowers on her hands, and a heart full of hope.  At church everything was ready, it was a lot bigger from my grandparent’s and it was in the city.  She had around 100 guests who waited for her inside.  My grandfather walked her down the aisle, gave her a kiss, and put her in the hands of my dad.  They exchanged rings; this time the woman’s, my mom, had a small diamond in top.  After the ceremony was over they headed to a reserved salon where the celebration was held.



        My dad’s mother had paid for a “salsa” band to play, but it didn’t start until the couple danced a traditional waltz, followed by their favorite song: “Somos Novios” by Luis Miguel.  The song tells the story of how they are fiancés, “novios” and how they love each other, kiss each other, fight each other, and overall achieve the greatest thing in the world, their love.  It is a beautiful song that expresses their love for one another and the joy it brings them to know they are together.

            This song, in contrast from my grandparents’, talks about the feelings of both of them, not only the man.  This also shows deconstruction because the women are more listened to now, and their feelings matter as well.  She still depends greatly in her husband, but her role is now more appreciated and cherished.  It seems like she can also try and win a man’s love, not only wait to be conquered, although some might not dare to do so.  This song brings certain equality between the couple making marriage evenly important to both.


Lyrics for: "Somos Novios"
By: Luis Miguel
Somos novios, Pues los dos sentimos mutuo amor profundo
                                    Y con eso ya ganamos lo más grande
                                    De este mundo
                                    Nos amamos, nos besamos, Como novios
                                    Nos deseamos y hasta a veces sin motivo y
                                    Sin razón, nos enojamos
                                    Somos novios. Mantenemos un cariño limpio y puro
                                    Como todos,
                                    Procuramos el momento más obscuro
                                    Para hablarnos, Para darnos el más dulce de los besos
                                    Recordar de qué color son los cerezos
                                    Sin hacer mas comentarios, somos novios (x2)
In English:
We are fiancès Then both we felt mutual deep love
                                    and with that already we gained great Of this world we loved
                                    ourselves, we kissed ourselves 
As fiancès we were desired and until sometimes without reason and we get angry 
We are fiancès We maintain a love clean
                                    and pure As all We tried
                                    the dark moment  to speak us to give the sweetest of 
                                    the kisses To remember of what color are the cherry trees Without
                                    doing but commentaries, we are fiancès